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Big Sky is Montana Aware

Safety First, Adventure Second

Help slow the spread of COVID-19

Help Protect Our Public Health

MONTANA AWARE is statewide effort to slow the spread of COVID-19 by promoting safety measures for those traveling in the state. We are committed to protecting the health of residents and visitors, and ask that you do the same.

What We’re Asking You to Do

If you’re planning to travel through Montana, please:

  • Know the local public health guidelines before arriving at your destination
  • Understand some services and destinations may be limited
  • Stay home if you are sick

In Montana, it’s important to:

  • Wear a mask
  • Maintain social distance (at least 6 ft. apart)
  • Wash your hands and use hand sanitizer
  • Avoid touching your face
  • Cover coughs and sneezes

Please visit https://www.healthygallatin.org/ for the most up-to-date local health guidelines. For more information about the Montana Aware program, go to VISITMT.COM.

Big Sky is a “R” destination. Its providence is rooted in an outdoor Recreation, tourism-based economy having been born a destination ski Resort back in the early 1970s.

The negative impacts of the COVID-19 public health pandemic, ensuing economic decline, and continued erosion of our society’s social fabric with #ShelterAtHome and SocialDistancing directives, have put an end to travel – dare I say, life – as we know it.

In keeping one eye on the future however, there will come a day when travel will resume. But life will have changed from this crisis. We as people will not be the same. A premium has been placed on friends and family, nature and the experience that comes from living simply. So too will we as a destination have changed. There is already a Renewed sense of appreciation for The Power of Travel – for the big and small tourism businesses, their employees and the economic ecosystem built around the visitor economy that provides jobs and quality of life for our residents.

We will need to Re-create ourselves showing once again our community’s Resiliency in the face of insurmountable challenges. Visit Big Sky promises to work collaboratively with our tourism partners and community stakeholders to lead us out of this collectively.

We will Rise Up yet again and be stronger than ever. #Rise[Up]BigSky

Guidance for Travellers

We encourage travelers to follow the safety and travel guidance offered by the CDC and state and local public health authorities.

Our thoughts are with those affected by the coronavirus. For additional local public health guidance in our area, we encourage you to visit HealthyGallatin.org.