Life in Big Sky

Big Sky, Montana residents come from all walks of life, from those just out of college to those who have started successful businesses here and those who have chosen to retire here.

With a population of approximately 2,500 full time residents and a pre-school, elementary school and high school, the community has a small, friendly appeal. It’s the kind of place where people wave and know each other by name.

But the bustling tourist industry gives Big Sky an extra special kick. Seasonal visitors and part-time residents are welcomed and help to make the town feel more alive. And because tourism is the main economic boost in the community, a host of entertainment, dining options and activities make Big Sky feel larger than life, and more fun than living just about anywhere else.

Big Sky is located in Gallatin County, just one hour from Bozeman, Montana to the north, and one hour from Yellowstone National Park to the south. Gallatin County is one of the fastest growing economic areas in the northern Rocky Mountains, known as the high-tech capital of the Northern Rockies. With a vibrant economy, an educated work force, a major research university (Montana State University), a thriving technology and manufacturing sector, and plentiful cultural and outdoor recreational amenities, it’s no wonder why Gallatin County has seen an influx of new residents choosing to move their businesses out West.

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