Skiing is so much more than a sport.  It’s a way we can celebrate the great outdoors and create memories that last a lifetime, especially with our little ones.  In this post, we provide some essential tips to ensure your kids develop a lifelong love for skiing. 

  • Pick The Right Age - Introducing a child to skiing should be a joyful experience. While some kids may be ready to hit the slopes as early as 18 months, others may be more prepared around the age of 5. The key is to ensure that your child is filled with excitement and eager to embark on their snowy adventure. 

  • Dress them Appropriately - Ensuring your child stays warm and dry is crucial for a fantastic day on the slopes. The best tip is to dress them in layers and pack extras. Layering keeps them comfortable and allows adjustments as needed throughout the day. We also recommend packing hand and toe warmers just in case your child needs a little extra warmth.  

  • Make It Fun - We ski because it’s fun! Making skiing fun is the number one rule for all age groups - especially for kids. Be prepared to play games, bring snacks, and explore the mountain through your child’s eyes. Having breaks throughout the day will be equally as important as the lessons –  make snow angels, sip hot chocolate, and embrace the journey.  Remember, if you spend the day only throwing snowballs that’s okay too.  You’re here to create memories and have fun! 

  • Hire An Instructor - While teaching your kids to ski can be a fantastic family experience, it's often wise to enlist the expertise of a professional instructor. Consider booking lessons with a ski instructor who specializes in teaching children. These experts are skilled in making the learning process both enjoyable and effective. It's also good practice to give your child some space during the lesson, allowing them to fully engage with their instructor and make the most of the experience. 

  • Master the Basics- Remember to take it slow. Begin with the basics including walking around in ski boots for the first time. Teach them that falling is a part of the process and show them how to get back up.  Start your kids on simple terrain.  It's often best to stick to the magic carpet initially. This way, they can focus on building a strong foundation of skills and avoid developing any potential bad habits. As they gain more confidence and ability, you can gradually introduce them to the chairlift and more challenging slopes.  


A women and child ski together at Big Sky Resort
Mom & Son Skiing Together | IG User: @brook.froelich & @visitmontana


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