Itching to lace up your hiking boots? Big Sky offers more than just slopes. Explore a network of trails catering to all experience levels, from challenging peaks to serene alpine wildflower meadows. Let's dive into some of Big Sky's most beloved hikes and discover the perfect adventure for you.



Family-Friendly Fun:

Ousel Falls 

Location: Big Sky Town Center
Trailhead: Ousel Falls TH
Distance: 1.6 miles round trip
Elevation Gain: 500 feet

This mellow 1.6-mile out and back trek follows the South Fork West Fork of the Gallatin River to a cascading waterfall. Easy access and minimal elevation gain make it perfect for all ages.


For a BIG Challenge:

Summit Lake 

Location: Summit Lake, Spanish Peaks, Lee Metcalf Wilderness, Madison Range
Trailhead: North Fork Trailhead - 7,250′
Distance: 15.7 miles total
Summit Lake Elevation: 9,560′
Elevation Gain: 3,250'+

Embark on a challenging 15.7-mile journey to Summit Lake, nestled amidst the Spanish Peaks. Ascend to high alpine meadows and soak in the feeling of accomplishment at the crystal-clear lake.


For the Adventurous:

Beehive Basin 

Location: Beehive Basin, Spanish Peaks, Lee Metcalf Wilderness, Madison Range
Trailhead: Upper Beehive Basin Trailhead - 7,900′
Distance: 6.6 round trip
Elevation Gain: 1,625′

Experience world-class hiking at Beehive Basin. This 6.6-mile trail winds through stunning alpine terrain, rewarding you with pristine lakes and majestic peaks


More Than Just a Hike:

Golden Trout Lake 

Location: Portal Creek, Gallatin Canyon, Gallatin Range
Trailhead: Upper Portal Creek TH - 8058'
Distance: 5 miles round trip
Golden Trout Lakes Elevation: 9075 feet
Elevation Gain : 1300'

This 5-mile trek leads you through scenic forests to a picturesque alpine lake teeming with golden trout. Camp under the stars and enjoy the tranquility of Montana's wilderness.


Volcanic Views:

Lava Lake  

Location: Lava Lake Trail aka Cascade Creek Trail
Trailhead: Lava Lake Trailhead - 5525'
Distance: 6 miles round trip
Lava Lake Elevation: 7115'
Elevation Gain: 1600'
Lava Lake is a popular hiking trail that is accessed near the 35 MPH bridge on Highway 191 in the Gallatin Canyon. The Lava Lake Trail parallels Cascade Creek and ends at Lava Lake - the only non-glacially carved lake in the Lee Metcalf Wilderness.


A short escape:

Uplands Trail  

Location: Big Sky Town Center
Trailhead: Uplands/Hummocks TH
Distance: 2.2 miles loop
Elevation Gain: 460'
This multi-use trail starts at the far end of Aspen Leaf Drive and wanders uphill on a 2.2 mile loop that provides amazing views of Big Sky Town Center and the surrounding area. Perfect for a quick afternoon escape or a scenic warmup.


Rocky Challenge:

Storm Castle

Location: Custer Gallatin National Forest (between mile markers 65 & 66 off of Highway 191)
Trailhead: Storm Castle Peak TH
Distance: 5.2 miles round trip
Elevation Gain: 1,860'

A 5.2-mile out-and-back adventure with steady elevation gain.  Reaching the 7,280-foot peak named for its rocky crown, offers an outstanding reward with breathtaking views of the Gallatin River, sprawling forests, and majestic mountains.





This is just a taste of the incredible hikes Big Sky has to offer. Whether you seek a gentle stroll or a challenging climb, you're sure to find the perfect trail to match your adventuring spirit. Be prepared with your hiking essentials including bear spray, downloaded maps, and water.