26 Tips For Safe Winter Driving In Big Sky Country

Big Sky Resort averages over 400+ inches of snowfall every year. This brings a smile to every skier and rider's face, but it causes winter drivers to get a little anxious. Winter in Big Sky often means crazy winter weather like blowing snow, high winds, ice covered roads, frosty pavement, drifting fog, and frigid temperatures.
Snowy Tire Tracks

Big Sky's winter environment often presents challenging conditions like these that can be a recipe for disaster on Big Sky's roads. No one wants to see ice on the Big Sky Spur Road or snow packed pavement while heading down the winding Gallatin Canyon.

When you're driving in Big Sky Country always be cautious, alert and  ready for the unexpected. It's your responsibility to keep yourself and other people on the road safe. Conditions change from one turn to the next so always drive carefully.

Here are 26 tips for safe winter driving while you're in Big Sky:

  1. Watch The Weather
  2. Plan For Extra Time
  3. Be Prepared For Extended Delays
  4. Warm Your Car Up
  5. Defrost Your Windshield
  6. Fill Up Your Windshield Wiper Fluid
  7. Carry Sandbags In Real Wheel Drive Cars Or Pick Up Trucks
  8. Carry Winter Clothes and A Winter Survival Kit
  9. Clean Off Your Car
  10. Keep Tires Properly Inflated
  11. Keep Your Gas Tank at Least Half Full
  12. Buckle Up
  13. Avoid Cruise Control
  14. Accelerate and Decelerate Slowly
  15. Drive Slower Than Normal
  16. Increase Following Distance - Plan For Longer Braking Distances
  17. Be Ready In Case Your Vehicle Slips Or Slides
  18. Be Aware Of Ice Forming On Bridges and Overpasses
  19. Watch Out For Snow Plows
  20. Avoid Passing
  21. Don't Stop Going Up Hills
  22. Drive With Headlights On
  23. Be Cautious of Other Drivers
  24. Drive Smoothly - No Quick Or Sudden Movements
  25. If You Get Stuck, Stay With Your Car
  26. 4x4 Does NOT Make You Invincible
    Road In Winter

If the weather is really bad, don't drive. Either stay at home or utilize public transportation, like the Skyline Bus. If you have to drive, be sure to check the Montana Department Of Transportation Road Report for the most up-to-date road conditions.

Be careful when you drive on winter roads. Drive safe and stay safe so that you can enjoy Big Sky, Montana.

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