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Camp Big Sky was created in order to provide safe, fun, enriching activities for local and visiting children during the summers in and around the Big Sky area, and truly is a community collaboration that provides the best summer that Big Sky could offer its youth.

Programs are constantly expanding to accommodate the growing youth community. Currently in development are the Junior Leadership and Counselor In Training programs, more middle school age programs, and employment opportunities for high school-age students in order to meet the needs of the growing numbers of older children. Here’s a summary of the programs offered this summer:

  1. Best of Big Sky: Offered daily for grades 1-5, join us at the Community Park as we hike, complete arts and crafts projects, utilize the park’s climbing boulders, trails, and sports facilities, explore the West Fork, and more.
  2. Ceramics Extravaganzas: These programs offer unique clay crafts opportunities.
  3. Clay Works for 3, 4, 5 year olds: The kids will use natural clay and materials to design and create clay faces that make excellent decorations.
  4. Artsplot: Join artist team Chelsea and Richard Smith for four days of creative and expressive art.
  5. Rock Painting: This great program takes younger kids on a nature trip to learn about the sounds and textures in nature, and get to pick out a special rock to paint.
  6. Paint with Nature for 3, 4, 5 year olds: Take a nature walk and gather items to use as paint brushes to create unique designs with natural paints.
  7. Skateboard Clinic: Led by long-time local and skater Chad Peterson, this 2 day clinic is a fantastic opportunity to build a basic skill set revolving around skateboarding safety and etiquette, including learning how to fall to practicing patience, sharing, and support of other skaters in the park.
  8. High School Kayak Trip: Join Geyser Whitewater Expeditions on an unmatched, challenging river riding adventure, and learn how to read the river while in a kayak.
  9. Rock Climbing Gallatin Tower: Experience some of the best rock climbing in Montana with M.A.G.’s guides on a day climb, learning all the essentials of belay climbing.
  10. Big Sky Summer Basketball Camp with Coach K: Students in grades 6-8 have the opportunity to participate in our basketball camp, with the goal to provide every player with the fundamentals, leadership, teamwork and strong character, all while having fun.
  11. Outdoor Rock Climbing: We welcome students from 2nd grade up to join Fitness Fusion for a 2-day outdoor rock climbing camp that offers participants the opportunity to develop climbing skills, techniques, safety, and leadership skills.
  12. Level Up Golf: Join Big Sky Resort’s Head Golf Professional, Mark Wehrman and Tom Conway as they share their wealth of knowledge and love of the game to students in grade 3 and up on Big Sky’s golf course. Also offered is Beginner Golf for 1st and 2nd grade students, which covers the basics in less time and detail.
  13. Middle School Rafting: Join Geyser Whitewater Expeditions on a raft ride down the Gallatin River, as well as an interactive introduction to basic river rescue.
  14. River and Rocks: On this four day camp, you’ll get to spend one morning on the climbing wall, and three mornings rafting the Gallatin River with Geyser Whitewater Expedition—a promising thrill.
  15. Cowboy Up! Horsemanship & Riding: This program’s goal is to teach campers from grades 6-9 how to ride western style and care for a horse, providing an unparalleled camp and riding experience.
  16. Cowboy 101 Overnight Camps: On this horseback adventure, students learn about horse safety, equipment, and riding, as well as how to pack and camp in the back country.
  17. Jake’s Backcountry Pack Trip: This packing camp experience brings campers closer to horses and gives them the ability to navigate and ride in the back country.
  18. Archery: This program offers students an opportunity to experience the Montana tradition of compound bow hunting equipment, safety, ethics, and use, while also learning to navigate wilderness and identify wildlife and habitat.
  19. Primitive Archery and Basic Long Bow Making: Facilitated by MAERA, students can come learn how to make your own long bow, the art of primitive instinctual archery, and hunting techniques, likely giving participants an entirely new perception of nature.
  20. Survival Essentials: This class teaches the essentials of survival, including building shelters and fires, water location and safety, and basic food traps as presented by MAERA.
  21. Primitive Days: MAERA presents a class based around primitive art and survival, as well as learning how to tell stories using pictographs, cordage, and pottery.
  22. Stones to Tools: Presented by MAERA, students will learn the age-old art of making tools from rock and some history on stone tools, and even get to make their own creations!
  23. Hide and Leather Works: Learn how to create leather from rawhide and what it’s used for.
  24. Fort Building: Let your kids live the dream of creating a fort in nature with MAERA.
  25. Intro to Acoustic Guitar: Join local high school senior Ben Michel and friend Anthony Beach in learning beginner guitar theory and how to play.
  26. World Dance: Take this four day journey through the dances and music from cultures around the world, learning about other countries, creating crafts, listening to music, and learning simple choreographies with Ginny Watts, Lead Choreographer for The Caravan of Dreams World Dance Troupe, LLC.
  27. Rhythm World Drum Camp: Join Chet Leach in learning drumming styles from around the world in this five day camp.

For information on program dates, prices, registration and more, visit Feel free to contact Camp Director Katie Coleman at with any additional questions.


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