Did You Know That Big Sky Resort Allows Uphill Ski Traffic?

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People have enjoyed skiing since the beginning of time. Long before the chairlift was invented, people would walk uphill and enjoy fresh turns back down their favorite slopes. Now uphill skiing, commonly referred to as alpine touring or skinning, is back and more popular than ever.

Skinning is a fantastic way to experience the mountains, and a great way to get exercise during the winter. Did you know that in February 2016, Big Sky Resort updated their uphill ski traffic policy to appeal to the masses of skinning fanatics?

Here's a quick outline of Big Sky Resort's Uphill Ski Traffic Policy:

  • Must Have Valid Lift or Season Pass
  • Must Follow All Resort Policies and Montana Code
  • Must Travel On Designated Uphill Routes Marked By "Yellow Dots" On Side Of Run
  • Can Only Ski Uphill During Regular Lift Operating Hours When Lifts Are Open To The Public
  • No Dogs Allowed

Lone Mountain at Big Sky Resort | Photo by D. Lennon
Lone Mountain at Big Sky Resort | Photo by D. Lennon

Big Sky resort has currently designated three uphill skiing routes. You can find them on the Big Sky Resort Trail Map. Those routes include:

  1. Mountain Village (7500') to Moose Tracks to Pacifier to the top of Andesite Mountain (8800'). - Total Elevation Gain - 1300'
  2. Madison Base Area (7400') to Cinnibar to the top of the Iron Horse Lift (8800'). Total Elevation Gain - 1400'
  3. Moonlight Lodge (7900') to Powder River to the top of Iron Horse (8800'). Total Elevation Gain - 900'

Try skinning up one of Big Sky Resort's designated uphill traffic routes and you'll definitely earn your Après beer!

If you are interested in learning more about Big Sky's uphill ski traffic policy visit BigSkyResort.com or stop by Mountain Services to check in and ask questions.

Do you want to try uphill skiing at Big Sky Resort? You will need specialized ski touring gear including skins, AT bindings, and AT boots. Then all you have to do is walk uphill and you're rewarded with a beautiful ski descent back down the mountain. It's fun.

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michelangeloop | Shutterstock

Forget the chairlifts, skinning uphill is cool. Try it at Big Sky Resort today. Are you ready to earn your turns?

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