Explore Public Art in Big Sky

Big Sky is a community centered around nature and the outdoors.

Nearly every activity is specially designed to include our natural backyard, including our public art. The Arts Council of Big Sky has created a map of the art and sculptures found in the Meadow area of Big Sky – pick one up at the Visitor’s Center and get out and explore! Check out the list below for some of the sculptures you can find along the art walk.

#1: Deborah Butterfield’s Winter, 2018

Unique Cast Bronze with Patina

Named by a local student, Winter was created from driftwood collected from the Gallatin, Yellowstone, and Madison rivers by local artist Deborah Butterfield. The form was created through a process of bronze casting and the application of patinas, burning away the wood to leave a bronze sculpture in its place. Deborah Butterfield is well known for her horse sculptures made from found objects.

#2: Jim Dolan's Bull Elk, 1985

Fabricated Steel

Dolan’s elk sculpture is easily mistaken for the real thing. Blending in perfectly with its surroundings, this steel bull can be found as you approach the Uplands and Hummocks trails. If you’re up for a hike, this sculpture marks beginning of a beautiful trail in the hills above Town Center.

#3: Kirsten Kainz's Waldozo, 2018

Reclaimed Materials

Waldozo, a massive bison, welcomes visitors to the Big Sky Town Center from his spot in Firepit Park. Since he's created from reclaimed materials, you could spend forever looking through the maze of found objects that only become visible upon closer inspection. Take a look to see what you can find hiding in Waldozo’s fur!

#4: Jim Dolan's Moose Pair, 1998

Fabricated Steel

Found at the entrance to one of Big Sky’s most famous trails, Dolan’s Moose Pair greets visitors as they set off towards Ousel Falls. Dolan pledged to spend his life contributing to the great state of Montana, and he has followed through on this promise with his striking and lifelike depictions of Montana’s wildlife.

#5: Art on the Streets

Art on the Streets is a program created by local high school student Dasha Bough in an effort to further beautify the Big Sky community. Working with everyone from prominent professionals to emerging artists to elementary students, this program has wrapped over 40 utility boxes and trash cans in works of art that celebrate our regional heritage, culture, and landscapes. See which ones you can spot around Big Sky!

Now that you’ve got a better idea of what kind of art can be found in Big Sky, it’s your turn to go explore. If you take a public art walk of your own, make sure you bring a camera, and post your photos with #VisitBigSky. Maybe Big Sky's public art will even spark your own creativity!

For more information, visit the Arts Council Website here.

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