Find Dog Friendly Hikes In Big Sky, Montana

Big Sky, Montana is a dog friendly place. You'll spot dogs just about everywhere - on walks, on hikes, at shops, in cars, at the resort. Dogs love Big Sky and the big outdoor playground that we call our backyard. In fact, Big Sky might just be a doggie paradise.

Dog At Ousel Falls | Photo: Les Lobel
Dog At Ousel Falls | Photo: Les Lobel

Dogs of all shapes and sizes live in and visit Big Sky - chihuahuas, labradoodles, black labs, golden retrievers, huskies, terriers, and mutts. They all love it here because they get to enjoy the great outdoors just like you and me.

It's no surprise, but your dog wants to get out and experience the great outdoors. So take them on one of the many dog friendly hikes in Big Sky. Dogs make excellent hiking companions and they may even love hiking more than you do.

If you're looking for dog friendly hikes in Big Sky, Montana, here are a few easy suggestions:

  1. Ousel Falls - 1.6 miles round trip - Ousel Falls is Big Sky's most popular hiking trail. Dogs will love following the wide trail along the South Fork to this stunning 35-foot waterfall. Leashes are required.
  2. Hummocks Trail - 3 miles round trip - Hummocks trail is a series of three loops through the forests near Big Sky Town Center. There's lots of water and shade. Watch out for bikers and other hikers.
  3. Beehive Basin Trail - 6.6 miles round trip - For a bigger adventure head to Beehive Basin and let your dog off leash in this breathtaking alpine cirque. There is lots of water and usually lots of people. Watch out for wildlife near this well maintained trail.

The Gallatin National Forest has trails everywhere. Grab a map and explore the numerous dog friendly hikes in Big Sky Country. Dogs are not allowed to hike in Yellowstone National Park. Be aware of where the park boundary begins (about 14 miles south of the stoplight) so that you don't get ticketed!

Here are few tips to keep in mind before your dog heads off on a hike with you:

Dog Love The Great Outdoors| Photo: D. Lennon
Dog Love The Great Outdoors| Photo: D. Lennon

  • Keep your dog safe. Be aware of hazards - deadfalls, rocks, river crossings, other animals, other dogs, hunters.
  • Ensure that your dog is always on leash or on voice command.
  • Remember that other people don't love dogs as much as you do - especially kids.
  • Obey all dog rules that are posted at the trailhead.
  • Pick up your dog poop!
  • Yield to horses at all times.
  • Bring all the necessary things for your dog - water, collar, leash, pack, poop bags, first aid kit, snacks, food.

Your going to love Big Sky's dog friendly hikes and so will your dog. Make sure your dog behaves in a responsible manner so that all dogs can continue to enjoy this outdoor playground.

Heading to Yellowstone? Going  rafting or rock climbing? If your four legged friend is cooped up,  contact  Hiking Hounds - a dog walking and pet sitting service located right in Big Sky, Montana. They can make sure that your dog is having a blast while your off on your next adventure.

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Happy trails!

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