Is Big Sky The Best Ski Resort In 2016/2017? We Say Yes.

Big Sky Resort is the best ski resort. We're not afraid to say it because we believe it. The iconic Lone Mountain is home to steep skiing, deep snow, and few crowds. It's starting get some hype and people in far flung places, like Colorado, are starting to wonder what Big Sky is really all about.

Lone Peak | Shutterstock Image
Lone Peak at Big Sky Resort | Shutterstock Image

It's an exciting time to be in Big Sky. The community is growing and the resort is getting bigger and better, but one thing that hasn't changed is the ski terrain that we all love and enjoy. Big Sky offers everything from Big Mountain skiing to outstanding magic carpet terrain and everything in between. It's perfect.

Sure, the crowds grow during the busy times, but that's what makes our mountain town thrive.  Who wouldn't want untracked lines days after a storm? Free skier parking? An endless selection of steep chutes, gullies, and couloirs? 7 terrain parks? 300 named runs on 4 mountains? 5,800 skiable acres? 4350' of vertical? 23 chair lifts and 11 surface lifts? 400+ inches of snow a year? Oh, lets not forget about the Lone Peak Tram that whisks you to 11,166' at the top of Lone Mountain. It's a skier's heaven and they call it the Biggest Skiing In America for a reason.

Those of us that choose to work, live, and play in Big Sky do so for some pretty obvious reasons. We can live anywhere and call any ski resort our home mountain, but Big Sky Country is where we've chosen to set up shop for a season or a lifetime.

But let's face it - we're biased. After too many powder days to count and getting spoiled by never waiting in a lift line, it's important to take a big step back and look at the big picture. That's why we want to highlight what a handful of unbiased sources say about our mountain.

Below you'll see a handful or rankings and ratings from various sources about the Biggest Skiing In America:

Powder Skiing Off Of Lone Peak Tram | Photo: D. Lennon
Powder Skiing Off Of Lone Peak Tram | Photo: D. Lennon

  • - Listed Big Sky the #1 resort in their 10 North American Ski Resorts To Hit This Season (2016-2017)
  • - Big Sky scored #11 of 152 Resorts in their Best In The West Ratings
  • - Ranked Big Sky #21 in their 2016's Top Ranked Western Ski Resorts
  • - Wrote that Big Sky is the best resort for deserted runs in their list of America's Best Ski Resorts
  • Ski Magazine's Volume 81 #2 - Ranked Big Sky #15 overall, # 2 for Terrain Variety, #3 for Challenge, and #6 for Scenery

While we only topped one chart, the results are certainly impressive. It's important to realize that the results all came from different rating systems that appeal to different audiences. There are probably other lists out there that we don't even know about yet!

Headwaters, Big Sky Resort | Photo D. Lennon
Headwaters, Big Sky Resort | Photo D. Lennon

We should be honest though, we chose to write this post because we stumbled upon, yet another, voter inspired poll about the Best Ski Resorts in 2016/2017 from USAToday's It's open for voting and we want to encourage you to vote for Big Sky as the #1 destination. At the time of writing this post, we were leading the charge and it's easy to see why Big Sky is on the brink of being the Best Ski Resort in this poll. Please vote, it's your right and duty as a skier or rider.

Right before we hit the publish button for this post, we realized that Big Sky Resort's opening day is less than a month away. We're ready to hit the slopes and we hope you are too. Here's to the best winter ever!

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