New Student Fitness Scholarship Fund Established

In keeping with their mission to support children’s health programs, the Rapier Family Foundation has established a scholarship program for local children who would like to take local gymnastic and climbing classes and camps.

“Both gymnastics and climbing offer kids full-body fitness experiences,” says Kym Rapier, who started multiple fitness centers in Texas before moving to Big Sky.  “They help kids develop coordination, balance, strength and flexibility. And of course, kids feel great about themselves when they learn a new trick or make it to the top of a climb.”

The Rapier Family Foundation’s gift will be administered through the Big Sky Community Corporation’s Camp Big Sky. “We know the BSCC shares our commitment to developing more healthy recreation activities for the community,” says Kris Tinnin, Kym’s assistant. “In addition to scholarships to local children who cannot afford after school classes or summer camps, the BSCC will also use the money to add more gymnastics and climbing to their day camp program, Best of Big Sky, and will also add two climbing/gymnastic camps to this summer’s schedule.”

Local climbing and gymnastics teacher Jolene Callahan, who has been developing her children’s programs for five years, is clearly thrilled with the development. “I have many local kids in my programs, but I know some stay away because of cost. I’m so happy no one will be turned away who can't afford it now." 

Parents interested in applying for full or partial scholarships, or in donating to the scholarship fund themselves, should contact Camp Big Sky Director Katie Coleman at for an application and details on submission.  Applications are confidential and do not require income disclosure.


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