Outdoor Enthusiasts Will Love Montana's Public Lands

One of the best things about Montana is the abundance of public lands.

These untouched areas remain pristine and protected so that we can get outside and enjoy the great outdoors. If you're an outdoor enthusiast, you're going to want to book a trip to Big Sky Country. It's a destination that you'll keep coming back to.

Montana's public lands include vast mountain ranges, endless forests, picture perfect lakes, lush wetlands, open prairies, rolling hills, wild rivers, towering peaks, and everything in between. The access to public lands is one of the big reasons that people visit Montana. Both visitors and locals alike love the fact that wild Montana is always close by.

Hike.WildMontana.org Is The Best Way To Plan A Hike In Montana

The state of Montana  covers 147,164 square miles or 94,184,960 acres. It's the 4th largest state in the USA and "almost 30 percent of Montana belongs to you and me; 3.7 percent is protected as wilderness." Montana's public lands are managed by organizations like "the U.S. Forest Service, the Bureau of Land Management, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, and the National Park Service."  Learn more facts about Montana's Public Lands on WildMontana.org.

Let's take a closer look at Montana's Public Lands. According to WildMontana.org, Montana is home to:

Beehive Basin | Photo: Love Street Media

Beehive Basin | Photo: Love Street Media 44 Wilderness Study Areas

  • 16 Wilderness Areas
  • 10 National Forests
  • 2 National Parks

These federally managed lands consist of millions of acres of pristine landscapes where people like you can truly experience the beauty of Mother Nature. Add in the 54 Montana State Parks and 23 National Wildlife Refuges, and it's easy to see why anyone who loves recreating in the great outdoors is going to love Montana.

The mountain town of Big Sky is lucky to be located in such an amazing state. When you come for a visit to our corner of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem, you'll be blown away by the outdoor recreation potential.

Big Sky is surrounded by the Madison Range of the Gallatin National Forest. Numerous trailheads lead into the Lee Metcalf Wilderness and Yellowstone National Park. Big Sky sits right in the middle of these wild lands. If you love adventure and playing outside, you're going to love it here.

What outdoor activities will you participate in when you come to Big Sky, Montana? 

Fly Fishing On The Gallatin | 320 Ranch Photo

Fly Fishing On The Gallatin | 320 Ranch Photo

You can do it all in Montana. Come and see for yourself. Explore the backyard of the Treasure State and discover why they call Montana "The Last Best Place". See you soon!

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