Picture Perfect: Photographing Yellowstone Wildlife

Yellowstone Park is a massive expanse of wilderness. However, even with it’s 2.2 million acres, Yellowstone wildlife corridors run far and wide beyond the park’s boundaries.

Yellowstone National Park is one of the nation’s premier destinations for nature photography, and for good reason. A spectacular array of native species, breathtaking vistas, and some of the worlds most famous geothermal features can be found just outside your car door. Herds of bison mosey down the streets, grizzly bears roam through tall golden grasses, and wolf packs can be seen stalking elk on fire red horizons. Yellowstone is a place that dreams(and great photos) are made of!

Here in neighboring Big Sky, Montana many of that same Yellowstone wildlife can be found. Bears, moose, elk, wolves, and a number of other species call Big Sky home. Early risers, motorists, and outdoor enthusiast alike can find wildlife photo ops all around Big Sky. Here at Moonlight Basin Resort, we installed several wildlife cameras as part of our wildlife monitoring program. Avid nature photography buffs ourselves, these cameras allow us a rare and beautiful glimpse into the lives and patterns of our fuzzy neighbors!

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