Pre-Season Ski Training

The ski season is fast approaching. Be prepared!

If you’ve spent your summer on your bike, hiking your favorite mountain trails or trail running, you’ve had fun and done some maintenance training for the upcoming ski season. Now is the time to do focused work to prepare your body for another long ski season.

Core muscles can be tuned up with sit ups and crunches. Yoga practice and Pilates-inspired routines done three to four times a week lead to strong abdominal and back muscles as well as a flexible pelvis and hips. Strength training in the gym provides added focus to specific muscle groups.

Preparing ski-ready legs is as easy as hiking or running on your favorite trails. Biking, with lots of time out of the saddle, also offers ski-specific leg strength training. Floor exercises include lunges, squats, and standing hip abductions. Rollerblade on a smooth bike path and crunch through fallen autumn leaves.

Nordic skiers have found roller ski workouts, both classic and skate, that mimic leg muscle usage for both styles of cross country skiing. In addition, the pole motions that accompany roller skiing engage both arm and shoulder muscles. To reduce the wimpy arm syndrome for Nordic, do free-weight arm exercises such as curls, overhead triceps and tricep push-downs, dumbbell bench presses, and bent knee push-ups.

Using components of the above listed exercises and programs, you'll be ready in no time to take on the ski trails in good form once ski season arrives.

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