Ski Joring At 320 Guest Ranch Is The Most Action Packed Event Of The Winter

Clear your schedules and mark your calendars because on Saturday, February 4 and Sunday, February 5, 2017 there is only one place that you’re going to want to be: The 320 Guest Ranch. Ski joring at 320 Guest Ranch may be the most action packed event of the entire winter and you’re invited to watch for FREE.

For those who are unfamiliar with ski joring, it’s a winter team sport that involves a horse, a skier, and a rider. The rider races a horse that is pulling a skier or snowboarder by a rope. The skier must gracefully maneuver through turns, gates, jumps, and other obstacles at speeds around 20 MPH. The goal is to complete the course and compete for the fastest time. It’s kind of like water skiing, but with horses, snow, and skis. As you can imagine, there are plenty of crashes and all sorts of fun to be had.

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Ski joring originated from the Norwegian word skikjøring, which means “ski driving.” It was originally a mode of transportation until it took an sporting twist. One of the best definitions for ski joring in Montana comes from the Gallatin Valley Ski Joring Association: “Modern skijoring combines Montana’s signature ski heritage with its cowboy roots into a wild, fast paced, spectacular event.” According to, it’s essentially ski bum culture meets cowboy culture in a totally unique winter sporting event. What could be cooler than that?!Not everyone is cut out to compete in ski joring at 320 Guest Ranch, but if you have what it takes, head south on Highway 191 to the 320 Guest Ranch and register for the event. Entry fee will be $50 per team. Races will follow North American Ski Joring Association rules, but are not sanctioned races. No pre-registration is allowed.

Horse Shadow On Snow | Pixabay Image
Horse Shadow On Snow | Pixabay Image

For spectators, the event is free to watch and is appropriate for all ages. Food and drinks are available for purchase throughout the day. And don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy dinner at 320 Ranch after the show. Combine ski joring at 320 Guest Ranch with a bit of skiing or snowmobiling and you’ll have a weekend to remember.

Ski joring at the 320 Guest Ranch is definitely one of the most exciting and unique events of the entire winter season. Come for one day or come for both, but make sure to experience this annual Big Sky event.

For more information about the ski joring event, contact the 320 Guest Ranch at 406-995-4283 or 1-800-243-0320/

We’ll see you there.

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