Test Your Mountain Skills At Shedhorn Ski Mo 2017 At Big Sky Resort

Shedhorn Ski Mo
Shedhorn Ski Mo

Lone Mountain is known for technical skiing and big mountain terrain. People from around the world flock to Big Sky to test their skiing and riding ability on the steep slopes accessed by the Lone Peak Tram, but if you really want to test your skills, you need to sign up to race in the 3rd annual Shedhorn Ski Mo 2017.

The Shedhorn Ski Mo 2017 will be held on Saturday, March 18, 2017 from 8am to 2pm at Big Sky Resort. This technical ski mountaineering race is organized by the COSMIC Ski Mountaineering Series and attracts some of the top ski mo athletes from across the country. This race is designed to test mountaineering, skiing, and endurance skill sets.

After the race's debut in 2015, the Shedhorn Ski Mo race in Big Sky has quickly gained popularity. This year there will be 2 possible courses depending on conditions. The course will cover 16 to 18 miles with 8600' to 9500' of elevation gain at altitudes ranging from 7200' to 11,166'. During the race, athletes will test their skills via:

Lone Peak | Shutterstock Image
Lone Peak at Big Sky Resort | Shutterstock Image

  • Alpine climbs over exposure
  • Knife edge ridge climbs
  • Steep bootpacks on 50+ degree terrain
  • 4 Alpine ski descents in big mountain terrain

The Shedhorn Ski Mo 2017 race is no joke. This is the real deal. Do you have what it takes to compete in the Shedhorn Ski Mo 2017? Register today and give this technical ski mountaineering race a try. Registration is open and you can register to be a racer here. Double check that you have all of the necessary gear before you register - a gear list can be found a the bottom of this post.

If you're on the fence, take a look at the highlights from the 2016 Shedhorn Ski Mo Race at Big Sky Resort:

SkiMo at Big Sky Resort from Big Sky Resort on Vimeo.

Do you have what it takes? If you're not ready to compete, not a problem. Spectators are welcome to come and are encouraged to hoot and holler while supporting these ski mo athletes as they compete on one rowdy ski mo course.

Required Gear For The Shedhorn Ski Mo 2017:

Big Sky Resort | Photo: D. Lennon
Big Sky Resort | Photo: D. Lennon

  • Skis: Minimum length women-150cm; men-160cm
  • Bindings: Toe and heel pieces must be same brand
  • Poles
  • Skins: At least one pair
  • 3 upper body layers: 1 layer must be a wind proof layer
  • 1 lower body layer
  • Beacon: Conforms to standard EN 300718 457kHz frequency
  • Shovel: No snow claws. Minimum length 50cm
  • Probe: No probe poles. Minimum 240cm
  • Helmet: Must meet UIAA 106 or CE EN 12492 standards
  • Gloves
  • Pack
  • Eye Protection
  • Ice Axe: Tentatively required
  • Crampons: Tentatively required; must conform to UIAA standard 153 with at least 10 spikes.
  • Whippet: Tentatively required

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