The Best Spots To Watch Sports In Big Sky, Montana

Touchdown! | Pixabay Image
Touchdown! | Pixabay Image

Sports are a big part of our lives and our culture. Whether you enjoy football, baseball, soccer, hockey, lacrosse, skiing, boxing, X-games, golf, cycling, tennis, swimming, volleyball, or cricket, we all have a team that we like to watch and root on to victory.

It's not always easy to tear yourself away from the slopes or miss out on a day of fly fishing to watch sports in Big Sky, but when the big game is on the big screen, you certainly don't want to miss it. Now it's easy to sit back in your hotel room or sink into the comfort of your couch and turn on the game, but it's usually more fun to head out to the local sports bar, pub, restaurant, brewery, or saloon to watch sports in Big Sky.

Since we don't have any major sports team in the state of Montana, our mountain town supports a diverse collection of teams from across the country and around the world. Whatever team you're a fan of, you can likely find that game on TV in Big Sky.

Here are a handful of spots where you can watch sports in Big Sky:

Soccer | Pixabay Image
Soccer | Pixabay Image

No doubt there are other places to watch the big game in Big Sky. Give these spots a call to ensure that they have access and plan to show your favorite team in action. Depending on the time of the sporting event and demand for other games, you may have to shop around to find a place where your game is being shown.

Everyone enjoys watching their team play in different ways. Whether you want to be surrounded by a crowd of fans rooting on their college football team, enjoying a martini at a quiet bar while you watch the last round of the Masters, or settle for watching an FIS downhill event at the same time that you enjoy a family dinner, you'll be able to find that spot in Big Sky.

Now it's time to grab a seat where you can see and root your team to victory. Please cheer for your team responsibly. If needed, be sure to utilize Big Sky's free public transportation to get home after the game.

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