The Big Sky Dummy Jump 2017 Will Be A Smashing Good Time!

Are you ready for an afternoon filled with fun and destruction? Mark your calendars for the 14th annual Big Sky Dummy Jump 2017. This fun event will take place on Saturday, February 4, 2017 on the Ambush Headwall - that’s walking distance from the Big Sky Mountain Village. Everyone’s welcome to attending. It’s bound to be a smashing good time.

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The Dummy Jump is an annual event that takes place at Big Sky. Anyone can build a dummy and enter it into the competition. The goal is launch your dummy down the slope, have it ski in a straight line, watch it careen off a jump, and crash land on the snowy slopes below. It’s an absolute hoot! This year’s Dummy Jump contest has $500 in prizes. The better the crash the better your chances are to win.

If you plan on building a dummy, you’ll need to register online for FREE at You’ll need a team name, contact info, and of course Dummy Info. Get creative because the Dummy Info gets read to the crowd at the event.

According to, here are the following rules for the Big Sky Dummy Jump 2017:

Big Sky Dummy Jump! | Photo: Glenniss Indreland
Big Sky Dummy Jump! | Photo: Glenniss Indreland

  1. A Dummy must be built that can (a) ski by itself in a straight line, and (b) launch off a ski jump.
  2. Dummies must have an attachment point for towing it up Ambush day-of the event. Make sure this attachment point is capable of supporting the weight of the dummy.
  3. Dummies may not contain liquids that will stain the snow, i.e. paint or dye of any sort
  4. Dummies may not contain sand, gravel, concrete, or similar substances.
  5. Dummies may not contain hazardous materials, materials that are excessively messy or difficult to remove from snow.
  6. Dummies may not include inherently dangerous materials or sharp objects, i.e. metal swords.
  7. Absolutely no pyrotechnics, flame or fireworks may be included on the Dummy.
  8. Teams that wish to keep their Dummy need to remove them after the event.

The Dummy Jump is a family friendly event that’s appropriate for all ages. The festivities kickoff mid afternoon so plan to ski all day before you sit back and watch the carnage. Be sure to book your lodging in Big Sky ASAP. This annual event is always a popular one.

Here are a few highlights the 2015 Big Sky Dummy Jump:

See you at the 2017 Big Sky Dummy Jump!

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