Things To Do In October In Big Sky, Montana

Are you ready for October in Big Sky, Montana? In October, the weather starts to change. The leaves fall off the trees. Snow begins to fall. And everyone lays low as they eagerly wait for winter to come.

Take advantage of this slower time of year to really embrace the fun-loving culture and quiet nature of Big Sky. Plan accordingly and October can be a great time to get outside and play. It’s also a great time to find jobs, organize housing, and enjoy a slower pace of life. Check out the following calendar of events, so that you can plan your schedule accordingly. Which of these events are at the top of your to-do list?

Great Pumpkin Giveaway
Great Pumpkin Giveaway

This list of events hits on some of the major things to do in October in Big Sky, but there are other events too. Don’t miss out on live music at venues like Gallatin Riverhouse, Ousel & Spur, or Lone Mountain Ranch. One of the main reasons that October is a bit slower than other months is everyone is gearing up for the winter. Are you ready to go skiing? We are!

Beehive Basin Brewery
Beehive Basin Brewery

If you can’t make it to every even in Big Sky this month, stay tuned for November 2016. November is going to be another great month to visit Big Sky, Montana.

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