Where To Find Housing In Big Sky

Winter is just around the corner and that means the population in Big Sky is about to boom for the season. As this influx of excited and enthusiastic seasonal workers, skiers, and riders begin to arrive, it means that housing is in demand.

Aerial Photo Of Big Sky | Photo: Arts Council of Big Sky
Aerial Photo Of Big Sky | Photo: Arts Council of Big Sky

Housing issues plague ever ski town. As Big Sky continues to get bigger and better, finding housing in Big Sky is quickly becoming a headache. Pick up the local paper or ask anyone in town about housing and everyone agrees that it is an issue that must be addressed. There's a lot of demand and not too much supply, which means that prices may be higher than expected too. It's unfortunate, but it's the situation that we're currently faced with.

Where To Find Jobs In Big Sky

Many of Big Sky's biggest employers along with numerous non-profits and community organizations are actively working on the housing issues in Big Sky. They certainly seem to be making some headway. It's going to take time, but every year there seem to be more housing options available. Learn more about these issues on ExploreBigSky.com or on BigSkyChamber.com. There are also regular meetings where you can be a part of the community and contribute your questions, comments, and concerns about housing.

At this point, you probably need a place to live. It's not easy to find housing in Big Sky (especially if you have a dog), but it can be done. It's going to take a bit of effort, determination, and persistence. So start as soon as you know that you want to live in Big Sky for the season. The first step is knowing where to look.

If you want to find housing in Big Sky, start with the following websites:

Big Sky As Seen From Yellow Mountain | Photo: D. Lennon
Big Sky As Seen From Yellow Mountain | Photo: D. Lennon

Ideally these links will help you find housing in Big Sky. Tune in daily so that you can apply for a rental first. Another option is to contact Big Sky property management companies as they may also have leads. Make phone calls and send emails. Some scams do exist out there, so be careful. It will also be beneficial to network with people who currently live in Big Sky - this is often the best way to snag a seasonal or year long rental.

If you're stuck and really can't find any housing in Big Sky, start to explore options in Big Sky's neighboring communities of Four Corners, Belgrade, Gallatin Gateway, Bozeman, or West Yellowstone. Skyline Bus service does provide transportation to and from the Bozeman area.

Many of Big Sky's employers offer employee housing options too. Talk to your boss and the HR department to see if you qualify. Explore job options with Hungry Moose, Yellowstone Club, Big Sky Resort, or Lone Mountain Ranch. These employers may be able to offer housing options to you.

Good luck.

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