Deadline Motion

Inspired by our surroundings, Deadline Motion Works is a full service production house specializing in the latest technology, ability to shoot in unique locations, and piece together cohesive stories. Our relentless approach to capturing images allows us to see compelling stories as they happen without disrupting spontaneity. Inspired and founded in the mountains, we live for difficult and interesting shoot locations.
Satchele Burns is the owner and principal director of Deadline. Born and raised in Athens, GA, Satchele attended Georgia College as a broadcast student and then promptly moved west and never left. "If it weren't for a few lucky breaks, skiing, incredible parents, mentors, and then finding a passion for capturing images and telling stories I would be face down in a ditch somewhere."
Henry is the director of photography, time-lapse specialist and editor. He studied physics at The University of La Crosse Wisconsin and quickly found a passion for capturing images. After college he followed his big sister's footsteps and moved to Vail.

953 S. Frontage Road W. Suite 200
Vail, Colorado 81657