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About the Photographer:


My favorite date involves skis by day, high heels by night. To repair helmet head, I embrace a fro and dry my hair while driving with the windows down and the heater cranked.
I am addicted to traveling and exploring new places, especially with running shoes and my favorite playlist.
My need for alone time saves me embarrassment as self-employment and showers don't mingle as often as they should. And no one needs to witness me crying my way through The Bachelor.
The best evenings with friends are simple ones spent overindulging in laughter, prosecco, and gourmet delights.
My bad eating habits include McDonald's french fries and midnight snacks in bed.
Music often elicits impromptu dance parties and sing-a-longs. My eclectic music taste and kiddie voice make this either humorous or horrifying. Take Snoop Dogg, for instance . . .
We've been together since 18, and my husband is still my favorite person. 
Hot tub skinny dipping is so much better. So are no underwear days.
I mourn the ending of a good book because it forces me to say goodbye to friends I'll never meet again.
Everyone needs a happy place, and skiing is mine. On the last day of the season, I visit my favorite runs and am a sniveling mess when the lifts take their final spin.


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