Crail Ranch Homestead Museum

Despite the passage of the Homestead Act in 1862, the Gallatin Canyon

presented a natural land barrier to potential homesteaders. The West Fork

drainage lay undeveloped decades later. Frank Crail, who previously ranched 

in the Bridgers and served as Clerk of the 9th District Court in Bozeman, brought his wife 

and three children to this area to start a new ranch.  They joined a handful of

homesteaders here in 1901 when he purchased 160 acres. The Crail Family

annexed adjacent acreage to increase their holdings to 960 acres, dominating

the meadowlands. The Crails operated their ranch, raising sheep, cattle, and

hay, for nearly a half century.


To learn more about Big Sky's ranching roots and our transformation to a

resort community, visit the Historic Crail Ranch Homestead Museum on Spotted 

Elk Drive, off Little Coyote Road.  Walking tour accessible every day throughout

the year.  The museum is open for guided tours from noon to 3 on weekends during 

the summer.


2100 Spotted Elk Rd
Big Sky, MT 59716
United States