Geyser Whitewater Expeditions

In the Spirit of Fun and Adventure...

Paddle harder! Forward! Right turn! Your guide hollers... The constant waves splashing your helmet make it hard to hear and you do it all backwards...  It's ok though, the kids are still screeching and giggling with delight. The highlight of your vacation...

Geyser Whitewater was founded in 1992 and is built on the "Spirit of Fun and Adventure."  The tradition continues today as the staff of Geyser Whitewater Expeditions make every trip a memorable experience for all.

Eric Becker founded Geyser Whitewater nearly 3 decades ago.  Since then, Eric has followed his passion for whitewater around the world. Having guided professionally on 22 rivers and paddled over a hundred more in 13 different countries, Eric loves this stuff.  In that time, the Becker's, Eric and Shannon have also been founding members of several charitable organizations focused on helping enrich and support the lives of children and the environment.  Riley Becker, their daughter, can often be found helping out around the shop and working on her own projects to make Big Sky a better community.

Eric is also probably the only outfitter in the world to have hosted both the First Family of the United States and the Vice President and his entire family. Geyser Whitewater was even featured on Montana Senator Max Baucus' Christmas never know who will be wandering around here at the HQ.

We look forward to meeting you!
The Geyser Whitewater Family