Grizzly & Wolf Discovery Center


Take the gorgeous drive to West Yellowstone and turn your day into a wild adventure!

View the animals either OUTSIDE or INSIDE and come experience the majesty of grizzly bears, gray wolves, river otters and more.  

The Grizzly & Wolf Discovery Center is the home of the world-class exhibit BEARS: Imagination and Reality. The display is an interactive museum exhibit produced by the Science Museum of Minnesota comparing and contrasting the bear of myth, art, literature, history and folklore with the bear scientists, outdoorsmen and researchers. Features include six thematic areas, taxidermic mounts of grizzly and black bears in naturalistic settings with examples of food and behavior habits.

Exceptional views of wolves     

The Naturalist Cabin is located between two of the GWDC’s wolf habitats where visitors have the opportunity to watch the wolf packs interact with each other from the comfort of the cabin. Floor-to-ceiling windows allow for intimate glimpses into the complex social lives of these wolves. A large fireplace gives everyone a chance to warm up on those cold West Yellowstone winter days. 

Throughout the day, the Museum Theater hosts staff presentations and demonstrations, Yellowstone Park Ranger talks, children’s programs and a variety of educational wildlife movies.

Visit the animals year-round. GWDC bears do NOT hibernate.

Open EVERY DAY 9am – 4pm