Kene Sperry - Photographer


Photographer, Friend, and Visionary
What I have learned by taking millions of photographs of people all over the world is that we are all connected. 
What I have discovered is we all desire to by seen, heard, respected and loved.
The best give you can give anyone is your complete presence, truly it is the best gift you can give yourself.
Photography allows me to gain this insight more often, it helps me connect to all of life and fills my soul with love.
Photography to me is living in the pleasant presence of the present tense.
I spend most of my time in Southwest Montana.
I travel often and do most of my visionary thinking on airplane rides by myself. 
I love my family and friends with my whole heart. 
I try to practice Gratitude.
I am also very interested in the stranger I haven’t met yet.
Keep it the moment