9 Things To Do On A Chairlift In Big Sky

If you're heading to the resort, you're going to be riding chairlifts for a good chunk of time every day. The average chairlift ride at Big Sky Resort is approximately 8 minutes. Depending on how fast you ski or bike, that's about 25% of your time on the chair going uphill. Why not make the most of your chairlift time?

Here are nine things to do on a chairlift in Big Sky:

  1. Text Your Friends - Skiing and snowboarding is a social sport. Feel free to grab your phone and reach out to your buddies to see if they want to ski a lap. At the same time, stash the phone away quickly or your hands will get cold. Plus, being on your phone can be considered anti-social - unless you're checking the Big Sky Snow Report!
  2. Enjoy The Views - There's something incredible about Mother Nature. Take a look around you. Big Sky is an amazing place. Towering peaks, sparking snow crystals, countless trees, distant ski lines, perplexing rock features, and stunning 360 degree views. There's plenty to see from the comfort of the chairlift.
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  3. Make Friends - Chairlifts are one of the places where it's okay to talk to strangers. Strike up a conversation with your fellow chair rider and get to know them. Maybe you'll make a new friend or build your professional network. You never know who you're going to meet on a chairlift in Big Sky.
  4. Ask Questions - Your fellow chairlift riders are a wealth of information. Start firing off questions to get the scoop on where the best snow is located, get gear recommendations, find out where to get an après beer, or discover what locals do for a living in Big Sky. You'll be amazed at what you can learn.
  5. Make A Plan For The Day - Are you meeting friends, figuring out what run to ski next, or finding your cabin? Pull out the trail map to scout out where you want to go and what you want to do with your day. Look around because you might even spot your next line from the chairlift.
Photo by user jellolady2.0, caption reads Solo ski sesh before work. ✌️

Solo ski sesh before work. ✌️

6. Eat A Snack - If you're skiing or riding hard, you're going to be burning calories. Grab one of Uncle Dan's Cookies, drink a bit of water, or enjoy a grab and go breakfast so that you can make the most of your day.

7. Snap A Photo - Grab your GoPro or your smartphone and snap away to remember your day. Maybe you'll get a wildlife spotting, catch the morning alpenglow, or see someone hit a rad cliff drop. If you do get a shot, be sure to throw it out on social media and tag it with #visitbigsky! We're keen to see what you're up to.

8. Stay Warm - Chairlifts are notoriously cold because you're just sitting there. Be sure to wiggle your fingers and toes during the rides to ensure you stay as warm as possible.

9. Rest The Legs - Big Sky features big terrain and long runs. If you're on a chair that also has a foot rest, take advantage of it and give your legs a well deserved break.

Next time you're going uphill, remember these things to do on a chairlift in Big Sky. Most importantly have fun and enjoy the ride!