Play A Round (Or Two) Of Disc Golf In Big Sky, Montana

Bighorn Ridge Disc Golf Course | Photo: Big Sky Community Organization
Bighorn Ridge Disc Golf Course | Photo: Big Sky Community Organization

Disc golf is a game of precision and accuracy where players throw frisbees at targets. It is similar to "regular" golf, but uses a frisbee instead of a ball and clubs. Score is kept in a similar manner where the lowest score wins. And guess what? It's super fun!

Grab a friend or two and head outside to play a round or two of disc golf in Big Sky, Montana. What could be better than the mountain views, the fresh air, and a little bit of disc golf on a summer day in Big Sky?

Big Sky is home to two 18-hole disc golf courses. Let's take a closer look at these disc golf courses:

Big Sky Community Park's Bighorn Ridge Disc Golf Course
The Bighorn Ridge disc golf course is located off of Little Coyote Road in the Big Sky Meadow at the Big Sky Community Park (near the Skate Park). This course is made possible by dedicated individuals, the Big Sky Community Organization, the Water and Sewer District, and sponsoring local businesses. Learn more here.

It is a free 18-hole disc golf course (although donations are appreciated) with both pro and amateur tees. Holes range in distance from 150 to 400 feet and signs and maps help you stay on course. The baskets are moved regularly to keep it fresh.

Playing disc golf in Big Sky is always an adventure. The rolling ups and downs of the mountain terrain and nearby forests will keep even the best disc golfer on there toes. Go and play a round or two and enjoy the beautiful summer weather in Big Sky, Montana.

After you invest in a few discs, playing disc golf is essentially a free activity. It's low-impact, budget friendly, outdoors, and super fun. Is it time you played a round of disc golf in Big Sky?

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