Who Makes The Best Margaritas In Big Sky?

Are you in the mood to have one of the best margaritas in Big Sky? There’s something enjoyable about sitting back and ordering a margarita after a day of skiing, hiking, or biking. If you haven’t enjoyed a zingy margarita while you’re hanging out under the Big Sky, you’re missing out.

Are You Ready For A Margarita? | Pixabay Image
Are You Ready For A Margarita? | Pixabay Image

Just about any bartender can grab the right ingredients and serve you a margarita, but there’s something special about the restaurants in Big Sky that make margaritas a top priority. If you enjoy the authentic taste of a refreshing margarita, then you need to head to the restaurants that serve the best ones in Big Sky.

The Best Bars In Big Sky, Montana

Perfecting the perfect margarita recipe is no easy task. It definitely requires a bit of taste testing to create a fun alcoholic drink. While almost every margarita contains similar ingredients like triple sec, tequila, lime, etc., there are still about a million variations on this classic cocktail. It's worth trying out a few because everyone has a favorite.

Here are the top contenders for the best margaritas in Big Sky:

Margaritas! | Pixabay Image
Margaritas! | Pixabay Image

  • The Wrap Shack - Open 11am to 8pm, The Wrap Shack is located in West Fork Meadows. They strive to serve “fast, fresh, healthy, and affordable food.” And yes that does include “yummy adult slushy beverages” like margaritas and mojitos.
  • Cinnamon Lodge - Located 11 miles south of Big Sky on Highway 191, The Cinnamon Lodge is more than just a lodge. It’s also a Mexican steakhouse that serves up a tasty and refreshing margarita.
  • Alberto’s - Situated in Big Sky Town Center, Alberto’s Mexican Cuisine specializes in tasty Mexican food and margaritas. If you’re looking for a bit of variety in your margarita selection, stop by Alberto’s and try something new.
  • Olive B’s - Olive B’s is situated in the Big Sky Meadow village and offers one of the best fine dining experiences in Big Sky. If you want to order a beautifully prepared margarita in a classy atmosphere, head to Olive B’s.
  • Gallatin Riverhouse Grill - GallatinRiverHouseGrill.com claims that their Riverhouse Margarita is a “local’s favorite!” Add in the Riverhouse’s laid back atmosphere, throw in a few margaritas, and you’re bound to have a jolly good time.

It’s up to you to decide who makes the best margarita in Big Sky. We fully encourage you to take your taste buds on a test drive and hit up all of these margarita destinations. If you do so, please arrange a designated driver or take advantage of Big Sky’s free public transportation. It’s your job to always drink responsibly.

If you think that there’s a better margarita in Big Sky, reach out and let us know! We’d be happy to go and sample it and add it to our unofficial list-- if we think it makes the cut. In the meantime, read up on your margarita history and facts, so that you can wow your friends with fascinating trivia while enjoying one of the best margaritas in Big Sky.

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