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Maps of Big Sky

Download, print, or save these maps to help orient yourself while you explore the destination of Big Sky!

Overview Map of Big Sky

Canyon Community

The Canyon area is home to the Gallatin River where whitewater rafting and iconic fly-fishing excursions await. Explore the terrain by foot on one of the many hiking trails, or enjoy a scenic trail ride by horse back. Many restaurants, outfitters and lodging properties also call this area home.

*Please note that our Visitor Information Center has moved to 88 Ousel Falls RD, Unit A1 in the Town Center.

Meadow Community

One road guides you from Canyon to Meadow until you find yourself immersed in the vibrant community of Big Sky. Here you will discover the art and creations of local artists, browse the shelves of our boutique shops, and taste a variety of artesian foods and handcrafted cocktails.

Mountain Community

One road in, one road out, and it's all leading to the Mountain. Lone Peak stretches its top to a staggering 11,166 ft. where you can view three states, two National Parks and a number of mountain ranges.