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Yellowstone National Park


Yellowstone National Park is full of a variety of wildlife, colorful hot pots, waterfalls, geysers, of course, and geologic wonders that do not exist anywhere else in the world. Yellowstone was the first established national park in the United States, founded in 1872. Lucky for us, it just happens to be right in our backyard. Located less than one hour from the West Entrance, many choose Big Sky as their base camp for Yellowstone National Park tours and activities, enjoying the high-quality amenities that Big Sky has to offer, along with the spectacular, unforgettable scenery.

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Directions & Map of Yellowstone National Park

  1. Although the boundary of Yellowstone is only 15 miles from Big Sky, MT, the official West Entrance of the park is in West Yellowstone, MT, just 47 miles south.
  2. From Big Sky, head south on Highway 191 and travel a scenic 47 miles along the Gallatin River to West Yellowstone.

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