Derma Rolling Course for How Use with Samara Alcoke

June 24 2021

Come and learn about skin health, topical nutrition (product ingredients) and how to exercise the skin. Derma Rolling or Micro Needling is one of the best ways to stimulate collagen and elastin in the skin. The only way the skin can strengthen itself is when it is challenged. Just like building muscles there needs to be a micro trauma to the skin for it to signal the body to send collagen and elastin building proteins to the dermis. You will learn about essential vitamins and ingredients in products that help support healthy skin function.

Derma Rollers will be provided and you will be able to take them home for continued use. Pre and post products will be supplied. You’ll be led through how to utilize the roller in a safe and effective manner. Come enjoy an evening of education and beauty. Prizes will be given for posting/tagging on social media. Tag @Santoshabigsky and @skincareoftheworld tag your friends and be entered for each tag into raffle.

Must be 18 or older. This is a tool that has .3 mm needles puncturing the skin. For more details or to ask questions reach out to Samara 720-590-0191. Samara is a Licensed Esthetician and you can find out more about her @Skincareoftheworld on IG, FB, or

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