Dynamic Painting with a Palette Knife Workshop

Join David Mensing for ‘DYNAMIC PAINTING WITH A PALETTE KNIFE,’ an exciting and insightful crash-course in fine painting and fun with a palette knife.  While painting with a palette knife can be challenging, there is no better way to create deep, expressive compositions.  A fine knife painting is rich and tactile and something like a two-dimensional sculpture.  

Attention to certain key principles of painting can accelerate growth as an Artist.  Even modest growth in these areas can have a profound impact on overall quality of work.  An Artist of any skill level that develops a deeper appreciation and understanding of intensities, composition, movement, texture and light temperature is poised to make significant improvement in their work.

Throughout the workshop, expect to enjoy group instruction and demonstration as well as individual attention and critique with the artist.  At the conclusion of the three-day workshop, you will have new tools and a new outlook to take your paintings to the next level.

Orange, yellow, pink, blue palette knife painting
Arts Council of Big Sky