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Alpacas of Montana Joins the Big Sky Chamber! Celebrating Innovation and Sustainable Practices


The Big Sky Chamber is thrilled to welcome Alpacas of Montana, a company built on a foundation of entrepreneurial spirit and a commitment to quality. 

Sarah and James Budd, the husband-and-wife team behind Alpacas of Montana, bring a wealth of experience to the table, with backgrounds in medicine, psychology, manufacturing, and real estate.

Their diverse skill set proved to be the perfect springboard for their unexpected journey into the world of alpaca farming. They started with a modest herd of eight alpacas in 2004– which at its peak reached 120 alpacas! Currently they have around 65 alpacas at their farm, alongside their guard dogs, llamas, cats, and chickens.

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Pioneers of the Alpaca Wool Industry 

But Alpacas of Montana is more than just a charming farm. Sarah and James recognized a unique niche in the textile industry and became pioneers in alpaca wool clothing. Their commitment to meticulous craftsmanship ensures customers receive high-quality, comfortable, and stylish alpaca wool products


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Sustainability at the Core

They are at the forefront of the textile industry, utilizing their patented antimicrobial yarn, Dry Fusion Technology®️, to create eco-friendly chemical-free alpaca products. Their technical outerwear, socks, and more are available for purchase at their on-site retail store and online shop.


Alpaca Farm tours

Alpacas of Montana offers engaging hour-long farm tours that provide a hands-on experience with alpacas and llamas. Tour participants gain insights into alpaca behavior, their connection with humans, and of course, a few pictures.



Welcome to the Big Sky Community!


The Big Sky Chamber extends a warm welcome to Alpacas of Montana. Their dedication to innovation, sustainable practices, and quality products make them a valuable addition to our business community. 

We encourage everyone to visit their ranch, explore their online shop, and experience the unique world of alpacas!




20 years ago, James and Sarah Budd were newlyweds looking for a riveting adventure to kick off their lives together. James is that guy who if you were playing bingo with careers or jobs, his sheet would fill up in no time because he’s done it all. He has an extensive background in medicine and is…

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