Big Sky Economic Profile


An in-depth report that highlights emerging opportunities looks at the current state of business-supporting infrastructure and the industries driving growth, along with forecasts of what Big Sky is poised to become. Big Sky Resort Area District and the Big Sky Chamber of Commerce collaborated on this project to better understand our unique community and determine ways that we can better support it within our organizational missions.


Over the last decade, we have seen the Big Sky community move from a seasonal community that the workforce migrated in and out of to a place where individuals desire to sink roots and raise families - but not without its challenges. Drastic population growth, workforce shortages, and unaffordable housing prices have put constraints on who can stay and thrive in Big Sky. We hope that by quantifying these factors and building a discussion around the data, we can drive solutions to support the continued vibrancy of our community.

Big Sky has had two recent economic profiles completed, from 2019 and 2022; see those below.