Sweet Success: New Ownership for Big Sky's Beloved Bakery


The Blue Moon Bakery has been a warm and welcoming fixture in Big Sky for over 33 years. They're a favorite amongst locals and visitors alike, offering delectable treats and a true sense of community. Now, the bakery is embarking on a new chapter with Patrick Griffith at the helm!


Blue Moon Bakery


A Slice of History 


Patrick's story with The Blue Moon Bakery began in 2008, when he landed a job there. Right away, he fell under the bakery's spell. It wasn't just the delicious smells or the mouthwatering pastries, but the atmosphere. The Blue Moon Bakery was a place where everyone came together – skiers fresh off the slopes, families catching up on their day, and everyone in between.




"The bakery brings everyone together," Patrick says. "It's a place where you might see the dirtiest dirtbag sharing a laugh with the richest clubber, all over a pastry."

This sense of community is what truly captured Patrick's heart, and now, as the new owner, he's excited to continue this cherished tradition. He takes immense pride in offering both locals and visitors a taste of Big Sky, a place where the "ski bum lifestyle" might just involve indulging in a sweet treat.


So next time you find yourself wandering the streets of Big Sky, make sure to stop by The Blue Moon Bakery. Experience the magic for yourself, grab a delicious pastry, and become part of the Blue Moon Bakery family!





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