Kali Quick has a close relationship with Big Sky Town Center’s newest and largest residential building, The Franklin Building. As VP of sales on the project and VP of operations at Haas Builders, she’s been a part of the The Franklin since the beginning from the initial design, to interior finishes, all the way down to welcoming new residents calling the place home. John Haas, owner and operator of Haas Builders, calls Quick the “full operating motor” behind Haas and MJ Development. Explore Big Sky talked to Quick about this exciting new project and building out the “main street” of Big Sky.


Explore Big Sky: To start, tell me a little bit about yourself—when did you come to Big Sky and what brought you here?

Kali Quick: I moved to Big Sky in the spring of 2019 for a career at Spanish Peaks. Prior to moving, I would travel to Big Sky every fall to play golf and explore Montana. When the opportunity came up to move to the community, I jumped at it. 

EBS: Tell me about your background with Haas Builders:

KQ: I’ve been with Haas Builders for three years as the VP of Operations. Included in that structure I oversee and manage residential custom home construction, The Big Sky Recycling Center, 10 residential condos housing Big Sky’s local workforce, LS&T Storage, and The Franklin Building. We have a lot of things going on in the community, which is very exciting and keeps everyday eventful.

EBS: Tell me about you joining the Outlaw Realty team and the work you’ve been doing with them:

KQ: I absolutely love being on the Outlaw Realty team. As a sales agent, I’ve been able to help my clients pursue their real estate goals in the Big Sky community. In addition, our brokerage has many years of experience that I’m able to utilize and bounce ideas off of to grow as a newer agent. What I’ve really enjoyed thus far is Outlaw is not just real estate, we are active members of the community, and we get to participate in events, communications and giving back to Big Sky. I look forward to many years with Outlaw.  

EBS: Tell us about The Franklin—a background of the project, highlights of what it includes:

As the VP of Sales for MJ Development and The Franklin Building, I’ve been a part of the project since the beginning. I’ve worked with the Bechtle Architects on design, modifications and any changes throughout the construction process.  I was awarded the freedom to design all 18 residences and make all of the selections on finishes and fixtures.  Which was a really fun process. Lastly, as the VP of Sales, I’ve been helping our new neighbors call The Franklin home.

The Breaking ground shovel ceremony kicked off production on The Franklin Building. PHOTO COURTESY OF KALI QUICK
The Franklin Building is along the “main street” of Big Sky Town Center and offers a home base in the heart of Big Sky. PHOTO COURTESY OF KALI QUICK


EBS: What are the latest developments at The Franklin? Who are the existing tenants and how many vacancies are left?

KQ: We currently have seven residences under contract and 11 available for sale. Of the seven, four families will call Big Sky home on a year-round basis. The building does allow short-term rentals, which will be great for our community and local businesses, creating a vibrant and active home base to explore Montana.

EBS: What does a development like this bring to the Big Sky community?

KQ: The Franklin allows commercial ownership on Town Center Ave.The location and conveniences are superb on their own, adding a luxury penthouse on top of that is even better.

EBS: Are you working to pay homage to the existing community?

KQ: With Big Sky being in such an “infancy stage” of growth, compared to all of the other major ski resorts in North America, it is exciting to get to watch our little town grow responsibly into the complete major destination resort it is becoming.

EBS: What else should we know about The Franklin the the exciting developments to come that you’re working on?

KQ: All of the commercial spaces will add more of the Main Street element which Big Sky has been lacking, and the residences will create more people shopping, dining and enjoying main street, Big Sky.