With mountains in every direction, there are endless opportunities for outdoor recreation in Big Sky Country.

Whether you want to go fishing, hiking, biking, snowshoeing, horseback riding, trail running, backcountry skiing, climbing, snowmobiling or backpacking, you're going to need to find a place to access Big Sky's backyard.

What you're looking for are trailheads - the spots where the trails begin. And there are an abundance of trailheads in Big Sky Country. The trails that lead into the Gallatin and Madison Ranges near Big Sky will take you to amazing places. These trails weave through dense forests and wildflower-filled meadows. They'll take you to wind swept ridges and pristine valleys. Keep going and you'll find crystal clear alpine lakes, alpine cirques, and rugged peaks. It's a breathtaking and wild area.

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The trailheads near Big Sky are the best access points into the Gallatin National Forest, Yellowstone National Park, and/or the Lee Metcalf Wilderness. This is Big Sky's backyard and it's a pretty special place. Please treat it with respect.

Below we've compiled a quick list of trailheads near Big Sky. It's far from a comprehensive list, but it does highlight locations where you can easily start your next backcountry adventure.

Big Sky/Highway 64

Beehive Basin Trailhead | Photo: D. Lennon
Beehive Basin Trailhead | Photo: D. Lennon

  • Beehive Basin TH
  • North Fork TH
  • Ousel Falls TH
  • Uplands/Hummocks TH

Gallatin Canyon - North of Big Sky

  • Dudley Creek TH
  • Deer Creek TH
  • Hidden Lake TH
  • Upper Portal Creek TH
  • Swan Creek TH
  • Lava Lake TH
  • Hellroaring Creek TH
  • Garnet Mountain/Storm Castle Creek TH
  • Indian Creek TH
  • Spanish Creek TH

Gallatin Canyon - South Of Big Sky

  • Porcupine Creek TH
  • Buck Ridge TH
  • Elkhorn TH
  • Cinnamon TH
  • Wilson Draw TH
  • Buffalo Horn TH

Upper Taylor Fork TH | Photo: D. Lennon
Upper Taylor Fork TH | Photo: D. Lennon

  • Sage Creek TH
  • Teepee Creek TH
  • Dailey Creek TH
  • Black Butte TH
  • Specimen Creek TH
  • Bacon Rind TH
  • Fawn Pass TH
  • Bighorn TH

Taylor Fork

  • Upper Wapiti TH
  • Lower Wapiti TH
  • Eldridge Creek TH
  • Albino Lake TH
  • Taylor Fork TH
  • Cache Creek TH

Beaver Creek

Buffalo Horn TH | Photo: D. Lennon
Buffalo Horn TH | Photo: D. Lennon

  • Potamogeton TH
  • Sentinel Creek TH
  • Red Cub TH
  • West Fork Beaver Creek TH

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That's a lot of trailheads near Big Sky, right? Typically the trailheads near Big Sky provide an area to park and post an information sign. Be sure to read the sign as it will have important information about any rules for the area, leave no trace principles, bears, hazards, or other pertinent info. Remember that trailheads will take you to amazing places.

For a good overview of the Big Sky Area, purchase the Big Sky Area map from Beartooth Publishing at any local outdoor shop. If need some mountain inspiration, pick up a local outdoor guidebook to point you in the right direction.

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