So, you’ve drawn the tag of a lifetime and it's taking you to Big Sky, Montana. The terrain is new, wild, and expansive. You might not know where you even start hunting, what land is hunt-able or how to track the animal you're after.

Hiring a guide or outfitter can put answers to those questions and be a major asset in tackling your hunt. Seeking out the perfect guide can be a little overwhelming, especially when you are unable to meet with them in-person until you arrive for your hunt. Lucky for you, Big Sky is home to some of the best outfitters in the state and are always our top recommendations! Check out the list below.

Another great resource, is the Montana Outfitters and Guides Association. There you'll find a comprehensive list for the entire state.

Before you book your guide, we recommend doing some basic research to ensure that your trip isn't filled with any surprises! Here's what to check-in on.

Ask for references. If you are unable to find any reviews about a certain outfitter, ask them for references! Most are happy to provide a few names and numbers of satisfied customers.

Read the reviews. These are reviews from other hunters’ experiences. Not only will this help you understand what to expect, but you can also help you determine if that outfitter is right for you and the experience you are looking for.

Ask Questions. This will help you get to know who you will be spending your time with and money on. Here are a few of our suggested questions:

  • How long have you hunted this area?
  • Will we be hunting on public or private land?
  • Are you fully licensed to guide in the state of Montana?
  • What types of hunting conditions can I expect to be in?
  • What are your camps like?

Ensure the outfitter is legitimate. The state of Montana requires outfitters and their guides to be bonded, licensed, and insured. Ensuring that the outfitter you are considering is following Montana laws can help you book confidently and know you will be taken care of.

Understand what the outfitters offer. Prices often depend on what is included for each package, so make sure you understand what you are truly paying for. Also, understand the cancellation policy. Life happens and something can interrupt your trip-- make sure you know the outfitters' cancellation and refund policies before booking.

Taking your time to choose the right outfitter will ensure you have an unforgettable hunt and incredible stories to bring home.

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