Thanksgiving in Big Sky is a unique experience that offers a different set of traditions that are customary to other snow filled areas around the U.S.

Here at Visit Big Sky, we have our own special Thanksgiving traditions.

Margo, the Membership Director, spends her Thanksgiving holiday skiing every year. This year will be no different, as many in the community and around Montana anxiously await the opening of the resort. Margo says, “Skiing always justifies her extra plate of [Thanksgiving] food she gets after a hearty workout on the slopes.”

Caitlin, Marketing and Visitor Services Manager, uses the time to attend the annual Turkey Trot in Big Sky. To join Caitlin, information can be gathered on their Facebook page.

Lori, the Compliance Manager, takes the opportunity to travel and see her grandchildren to begin the holiday season surrounded by friends and family.

For some, this time of year might mean the start of new traditions.

Candace, the CEO, will be spending time with her family. They will spend this year creating new family traditions as well as recreating some old ones. This year, her family will enjoy “rifle season” by hunting in the Montana wilderness. They will also take the opportunity cut down their Christmas tree in the Gallatin National Forest after purchasing a permit at the Conoco.

Heather, the Marketing Director, will enjoy the new but gallant tradition of Friends-giving. Bringing holiday misfits together and celebrating a multitude of different traditions is a new way of bring cheer to the season.

Whether it is the time of year for a start of new traditions or passing the holiday with traditions from years past, Big Sky, Montana is certainly full of life, love and laughter this holiday season.

If you are still needing the right supplies to make your Turkey Day go off without a hitch, stop by Roxy's Market or Hungry Moose to pick up local Hutterite turkeys and all the fixings including wine and cheese.