Winter Essentials Packing List

With all the snow coming down and being the best conditions in the Rockies at the moment you are no doubt scrambling to get up and enjoy all that Big Sky has to offer.

In that rush it might be easy to forget all the essentials, but here are a few things to remember when venturing into the snow packed gateway.

Snow Gear:

  • A hearty set of gloves. Whether you are just cleaning off your car or shredding down the mountain a good set of gloves is essential to have a wonderful stay in Big Sky. Be sure you have two!
  • Snow Suit essentials are obvious, but have you thought about your ear buds, perfect playlist or even a buff to protect your face from the windburn while scaling the 11,166ft. to the top of Lone Peak.
  • Don’t worry about lugging your gear up the canyon. We have plenty of options in town. That will give you the freshest look when heading out to snow shoe, cross country ski or even just stroll through town center

Now that your adventure gear is covered, don’t forget to bring something nice to wear to enjoy one of our many fine dining establishments.

Out on the Town:

  • Après Skiing is an important part of the Big Sky experience, don’t forget a bathing suit whether you are relaxing in a hot tub after a hard day on the slopes or heading down to Bozeman to enjoy some live music at the Bozeman Hot Springs. Relaxation is never far away.
  • Don’t forget your S’mores ingredients as there are plenty of locations to enjoy roasting a good ‘mallow. One of these fantastic spots is right in the heart of town center, amid the jolly hustle bustle of our town, Fire Pit Park.
  • Searching for a more kid friendly activity, bring or buy a sled at the local Ace Hardware Store and journey to take a few laps on the local sled hill, found on Spruce Cone and Bobsled Trail.
  • Bring Skates or rent them from one of our fine retailers to enjoy a few hours of ice fun at the Ice Rink in Town Center. Wanting to just watch? Grab a hot cocoa and join the merry onlookers.

There is no shortage of fun to be had in Big Sky as we welcome the many inches of snowfall, the only thing that would make it not fun, is not having the right gear. Lucky for you, there are plenty of places to stock up and enjoy your winter activities.


About the Author

Marketing & Visitor Services Manager

Caitlin Lundin