Powder Day. Just hearing those two words is exciting for any true skier or snowboarder.

There's something amazingly blissful about floating through the Montana powder. When you're lucky enough to snag a powder day at Big Sky Resort, you need to make the most of this rare opportunity.

One of the beautiful things about a powder day at Big Sky Resort is that it doesn't happen everyday. Sure Big Sky gets plenty of snow - over 400 inches per year. But that doesn't mean that it's bottomless on a daily basis. That type of powder is hard to find just anywhere. So when it snows and the flakes start to stack up, it's something special that needs to be taken advantage of.

The following tips will help you make the most of a powder day at Big Sky Resort:

  1. Get In Shape - The more you ski, the better shape you will be in. Regardless of the snow conditions, it's important to hit the slopes regularly so that you're ready when the storm rolls in.
    Big Sky Resort | Photo: D. Lennon
    Big Sky Resort | Photo: D. Lennon
  2. Check The Weather - Check the weather daily. Look at the long range forecast. Know when the storms are coming so that you can plan your work load accordingly.
  3. Get Up Early - When the forecast is for a powder day, wake up early and get ready to get after it. BigSkyResort.com posts the snow report early. MTAvalanche.com is known for accurate snow beta. If it's go time, grab a coffee and breakfast and head up for first chair.
  4. Choose Your Gear Wisely - Grab the powder skis or board. Dress appropriately. Bring your avalanche gear.
  5. Plan Your Day - If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Make a tentative plan on what terrain you'll hit. Try to mentally map out your day so that you have a basic plan of attack to maximize your pow turns. Think about specific runs, base areas, chairlifts, etc. The more you plan, the better prepared you'll be for a powder bonanza.
  6. Call Up The Crew - The saying goes, "There are no friends on powder days," but that's just a saying. Call your buddies and meet up for first chair. As long as they can keep up, you'll have a sweet day.
  7. Watch The Open/Closed Signs - Big Sky Resort has a huge amount of avalanche terrain that must be controlled. Listen for blasting, watch the signs, and check BigSkyResort.com for the latest openings and closures. Where you ski will depend on what's open.
  8. Ski Hard, Ski Smart - If it's a true powder day you'll want to ski first chair to last chair. Every powder turn is worth it. Revert to your local knowledge and your plan of attack to ensure that you ski the most powder possible.
    Lone Mountain at Big Sky Resort | Photo by D. Lennon
    Lone Mountain at Big Sky Resort | Photo by D. Lennon
  9. It's Après Time - The hype and excitement surrounding a powder day at Big Sky Resort is the real deal. After you've rallied all over the resort, head to your favorite après spot to relive your epic day with friends over drinks.

Whether you're a long time local or you only log a few days on the mountain every winter, a powder day at Big Sky Resort can be a life changing experience. Maximize your enjoyment on the slopes by following the above tips. Eventually you'll create your very own Powder Day routine that works for you.

New to powder? Book a lesson with a pro to get the full mountain tour and learn a few tips on how to maximize your powder stoke.

See you on the slopes!

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