Looking to Visit Big Sky during the Fall? Check out this awesome list of activities to enjoy while you are here!

  • Seek out Color– The Aspen and Cottonwood tree leaves are magnificently gold and red. As the days get shorter, the leaves’ flair can be seen especially well on walks at Taylor Fork, Cinnamon and Spanish Creek.
  • Send out a Spinner– Fly fishing is at its premium when the air is crisp, and the trout are feisty. A few hours on the river can revive your soul.
  • Stalk with a Camera– It’s the ideal time for spotting wildlife. With the elk in rut, you may well hear the trumpeting of males challenging other boys to impress the cow elk.
  • Step Out– Brisk days are ideal for taking a hike. Porcupine Creek, Twin Cabin, and Storm Castle typically catch the sun. You may even enjoy a bit of snow at higher elevations like at Beehive Basin (enough to make a mini snowman?).
  • Sip and Savor– Big Sky’s restaurants and breweries will regale you with fall fare. Most of the eateries in the Meadow and Town Center are open, welcoming guests and locals alike.
  • Scream and Shout– The Town Center’s Haunted Peaks Halloween Festival is at the end of October, every year. This all ages event is filled with traditional holiday activities, live music and great Fall fun.
  • Smile and Socialize– There are plenty of activities like a Bingo at the Gallatin Riverhouse Grill, a Paint Party at Beehive Brewery or Comedy Nights at Lone Peak Brewery.
  • Spend time with family and friends- As Big Sky prepares for the very busy winter season, this autumn offers just a bit of a lull, so we can appreciate why we live here and those special folks who share it.

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