Have you ever been dog sledding before? Why not book a trip to go dog sledding in Big Sky, Montana? Book your canine powered adventure with Spirit Of The North Sled Dog Adventures or with Yellowstone Dog Sled Adventures. A guided dog sled experience will show you a side of Big Sky Country that you’ll remember forever.

Dog Sledding | MOTBD
Dog Sledding | MOTBD

Dog sledding in Big Sky is a totally unique experience that’s safe and approved for all ages. From December to April, teams of loyal and lovable Alaskan Huskies head out multiple times every single day to give you a tour of their winter wonderland. On these adventures you’ll travel to parts of Big Sky that you'll never see otherwise and get jaw dropping views of Lone Mountain, the Spanish Peaks, the Gallatin Range, and the surrounding areas.

Your guides are all top notch dog sledders who are keen to share their passion for dog sledding and for Montana with you. There are trips where you can sit back and enjoy the ride through pristine Montana forests and soak in the views, and there are trips where you can receive hands-on instruction on how to successfully drive a sled dog team. Dog sledding in Big Sky, Montana is an absolute blast.

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Dog Sledding at Big Sky

We highly encourage everyone to go dog sledding in Big Sky. It’s an experience that will bring a smile to your face and will likely be the highlight of your Big Sky vacation this winter.

If you want to maximize your experience be sure to dress as warm as possible and bring your camera. Don't forget to share your pics on social with #visitbigsky.

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