Imagine crisp mountain air, the rhythm of your tires on pavement, and the view of a landscape unlike any other unfolding before you. That's the magic of cycling through Yellowstone National Park in early April. 

For two glorious weeks, Yellowstone transforms into a haven for intrepid cyclists. While the season brings unpredictable weather, the reward is an experience beyond compare. From April 2nd until the Park opens to public vehicles on April 19th, riders can head into the park to ride from West Yellowstone to Mammoth Hot Springs. This excursion does not include Old Faithful, and cyclists must stay on the following designated open roads: 

  • West Entrance to Madison Junction 
  • Madison Junction to Norris Junction 
  • Norris Junction to Mammoth Hot Springs 


You'll share the iconic roads with fellow adventurers, not bumper-to-bumper traffic, passing steaming geysers, vibrant hot springs, and towering waterfalls, with only the whispers of nature for company. 

While many rental shops are still in winter mode during this time of year, some can rent bicycles with advance notice. Here are two choices in the area.  

Gallatin Alpine Sports, Big Sky, MT:  

  • Requires 24-hour advance notice and may not be able to accommodate all group sizes.  

Free Heel and Wheel, West Yellowstone, MT: 

  •  Requires reservations in advance.  
  • Due to increased risks, they will not rent bikes if it has recently snowed in the park.  


Be aware, this adventure demands preparation and is not for the faint of heart. Unpredictable weather is part of the deal. Pack layers, proper gear, and check road conditions regularly. Services are extremely limited in the park during this time, and most rental shops will not be available to rescue riders if the unexpected occurs such as a flat tire. Be equipped and have the knowledge to work with the unpredictable.  

 Yellowstone is wild. Bears, elk, bison, and other wildlife share the roads. Maintain a safe distance, carry bear spray, and travel during daylight hours only. Remember, cell service is limited, so plan for self-sufficiency and be prepared for potential delays. Understand your limits. Visitors should only ride as far as in as they can safely turn around and make the ride back, accounting for potential headwinds.  

 Biking through Yellowstone in April isn't just a ride; it's an immersion into the heart of the park. It's a chance to witness its raw beauty and untamed spirit in an intimate way, but preparation and planning is crucial.  

For further details and road condition information, visit the Yellowstone National Park Website.