Looking for easy access to numerous Montana hot springs? Visit Big Sky, Montana and be sure to bring your swimsuit. Montana is home to 61 known hot springs and some of the best are located very close to Big Sky.

How are hot springs formed?

Hot springs are natural, geothermal features. They occur in places where groundwater is heated near the Earth's mantle and rises to the surface. These mineral-rich waters can be found at commercial hot springs resorts or in undeveloped, natural settings. Some hot springs are perfect for a relaxing soak, while others are so hot that they could injure or even kill you! While natural hot springs may look inviting, always use caution near these geothermal features.

If you're looking for a safe hot springs experience that's fun for all ages, head to one of the developed Montana hot springs, where you can have a relaxing and refreshing soak in one of these geothermal wonders.

Montana Hot Springs near Big Sky:

All of these hot springs can be reached in a single afternoon or less from Big Sky, Montana. Most are open year round. These hot springs resorts feature naturally filled pools, restaurants, bars, and more. Visit these Montana hot springs and experience the natural geological phenomena that makes Montana special.

There are plenty of other undeveloped, natural hot springs in the Big Sky area too. Close to Big Sky you can find Wolf Creek Hot Springs, Corwin Hot Springs, Carter Bridge, Hunter's Hot Springs, Ennis Hot Springs, or plenty of others.

Boiling River YNP | MOTBD

Boiling River YNP | MOTBD
One exceptional undeveloped hot springs to highlight is Yellowstone National Park's Boiling River. Located near the Montana/Wyoming border in Yellowstone National Park, the Boiling River is heated by water from Mammoth Hot Springs. It's a cool, natural hot springs that's fun to tie in with a trip to Yellowstone National Park.

Visit NOAA.gov to learn about all of Montana's hot springs. You'll be able find their location, their max temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit, and more information. This is a great starting point for any Montana hot springs adventure.

Fun Montana Hot Springs Facts:

  • Montana has 61 known hot springs in NOAA.gov's database.
  • The United States has 1661 known hot springs in NOAA.gov's database.
  • The hottest Montana hot springs is Ennis Hot Springs at 181 degrees Fahrenheit!

If you're a big fan of hot springs and you're looking for other commercial Montana hot springs, here are a few more to explore:

Enjoy your Montana hot springs soak.

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