Can you name the highest peaks in the Madison Range? You'll be able to after you read this post!

Big Sky, Montana is nestled in the middle of the Madison Range. Named after President James Madison, the Madison Range is on the western edge of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem.

The Madison River stretches from I-90 in the north to West Yellowstone in the south. It is confined by the Madison River on the west and the Gallatin River on the east. This remote mountain range stretches roughly 80 miles north to south and 25 miles east to west.

The Madison Range is located in both the Beaverhead-Deerlodge and Gallatin National Forests. It is home to the Lee Metcalf Wilderness which covers 242,068 acres and contains four wilderness units: Bear Trap Canyon, Spanish Peaks, Taylor-Hilgard, and Monument Mountains. It's wild and remote country that is filled with hiking, climbing, backpacking, and peak bagging potential.

Mountain peaks surround Big Sky and beckon adventurers to climb them. They offer stunning 360-degree views of Big Sky country and the surrounding peaks. Whenever we reach a summit in the mountains, we like to identify the highest peaks in the Madison Range because it makes it easier to plan our next adventure.

If you're a fan of peak bagging, here are the highest named peaks in the Madison Range:

Madison Range | Photo: D. Lennon

  1. Hilgard Peak - 11,316 ft | 3,449 m - First Climbed In 1948
  2. Koch Peak - 11,293 ft
  3. Echo Peak - 11,260 ft
  4. Imp Peak - 11,202 ft
  5. Lone Mountain - 11166 ft
  6. Gallatin Peak - 11,015 ft
  7. Dutchman Peak - 10,991 ft
  8. Sphinx Mountain - 10,876 ft
  9. Sentinel Peak - 10874 ft
  10. No Man Peak - 10,848 ft
  11. Cedar Mountain 10,766 ft
  12. Beehive Peak - 10742 ft
  13. Finger Mountain - 10738 ft
  14. Wilson Peak - 10,705 ft
  15. Woodward Mountain - 10,659 ft
  16. Sage Peak - 10,653 ft
  17. Pyramid Point - 10,641 ft
  18. Jumbo Mountain - 10,412 ft
  19. Blaze Mountain - 10,384 ft
  20. Redstreak Peak - 10,384 ft
  21. White Peak - 10,355 ft
  22. Fan Mountain - 10,304 ft
  23. Beacon Point - 10,224 ft
  24. Nutters Cathedral Peak - 10,217 ft
  25. Monument Mountain - 10,069 ft
  26. Snowslide Mountain - 10,030 ft
  27. Red Mountain - 9,986 ft
  28. Shedhorn Mountain - 9,937 ft
  29. Mount Chipperfield - 9,880 ft
  30. Pioneer Mountain - 9,859 ft
  31. Table Mountain - 9,851 ft

Lone Peak In Summer
Lone Peak In Summer | Photo D. Lennon

This unofficial list focuses on the named peaks in the Madison Range near Big Sky. It does not include unnamed peaks that are only designated by an elevation on different maps. One of the best overview maps of the Big Sky area is produced by Beartooth Publishing. Pick up a copy today!

Use this unofficial list of the highest peaks in the Madison Range as a fun way to impress your friends over Montana Beers or as a tick list for your climbing adventures. Be safe out there and we'll see you on the summit!

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