If you're planning a visit to Big Sky this winter, chances are you're ready to dive into the thrill of skiing or snowboarding – activities that truly define the magic of this place. And guess what? Renting skis in Big Sky is as easy as carving through fresh powder. Whether you're a seasoned pro or a first-timer, we've got the lowdown on securing the perfect gear for your snowy escapades.   


Delivery Available: 

Pick-up Only: 

  • Black Tie Ski Rentals of Big Sky - Black Tie is a full-service ski gear delivery company. Simply make a reservation, and let Black Tie bring your ski gear right to your doorstep. 


  • Christy Sports - Christy Sports has two locations in Big Sky; One in the Mountain Village, and the second in Big Sky Town Center, making it convenient to rent the gear you need.    


  • Big Sky Resort - The truest sense of convenience as their slopeside rentals can be found at the Mountain Village, Madison Base, the Huntley lodge, and Summit Hotel (for guests only).  Big Sky Resort also offers delivery on and off resort property.  



  • East Slopes Outdoors - Located in Big Sky Town Center, East Slope Outdoors offers a variety of packages to accommodate a wide range of ski styles and abilities. They also rent snowboards, Nordic skis, ice skates, and snowshoes.   


  • Gallatin Alpine Sports - Located in the Westfork Meadow, G.A.S. rents skis, snowboards, cross-country skis, snowshoes, and fat tire snow bikes. They provide both in-house rental and delivery options. 



  • Ski Butlers Ski Rental Delivery – Ski Butlers is another full-service ski gear delivery company that also provides pick-up options.  Rentals can be reserved online. 




When it comes to gearing up for an unforgettable ski or snowboard vacation, these shops truly stand out as the experts. Their commitment to offering state-of-the-art demo equipment and budget-friendly starter packages ensures that every guest can find precisely what they need and create memorable experiences on the slopes!  


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