The Town Center of Big Sky is home to numerous shops, restaurants and amenities. During the summer months, Town Center is a hub of activity as it hosts the weekly farmer’s market and the free outdoor concert series.

But Town Center should not be overlooked during the winter months. Growing up in the Midwest, ice skating was a huge part of my childhood during the winter. But, a family move to California meant that those days were over once I hit my teen years. So, two winters ago, when I saw that the boards were going up and the rink was being flooded, a flash of nostalgia brought me back to my days on the ice. I bravely rented a pair of skates from Grizzly Outfitters and set out to see what I could remember about skating. The first few steps onto the ice were not pretty, but I got the hang of it and soon was circling around the rink with a giant kid like smile on my face. There is something so pure and simple about ice skating, the sound of the blades gliding across the ice, the noise that you make when you come to a quick stop, and the promise of a cup of hot chocolate after the skating is over – it takes me away to a much simpler time in life.

Tuesday nights are for broom-ball at the rink. There are several local teams that meet up each week to battle it out on the ice; it’s fun to watch and more fun to play. But don’t forget the extra padding; the games get competitive, and running on the ice in your sneakers is not an easy task. And, might I suggest a mouth guard? Your parents paid a lot of good money for those teeth!

Every Friday night the Town Center has a roaring fire pit where locals and tourists can hang out and warm up while they share tales of the day’s adventure, whether they went skiing, dog-sledding, or snowmobiling. Some bring whiskey, some bring hot cocoa, but all bring a good story to share.

Photo by user ashley_lauren_2019, caption reads Winter is coming but until then, days like today are ok with me. 
#bigskymontana #mountaintown #visitbigsky #lovewhereyoulive

Winter is coming but until then, days like today are ok with me.
#bigskymontana #mountaintown #visitbigsky #lovewhereyoulive

If you happen to be in Big Sky during early December, don’t miss the annual Christmas Stroll, which usually takes place on the first Friday in December. This is a great way to kick off the holiday season. All of the shops and businesses stay open late and invite revelers in for a glass of wine, some spiked apple cider, a nosh or a sweet treat. It’s one of my favorite events in Big Sky and promises a chance to catch up with friends before the hectic season begins. I always get a jump-start on my holiday shopping list on this night.

Town Center is home to Big Sky’s movie theater, Lone Peak Cinema. The theater has a full bar and nightly happy hour from 8-9 p.m. Typically it shows two movies at a time, and on Saturdays they often host a morning of cartoons and a cereal bar with all you can eat cereal and Bloody Mary’s for adults. It’s perfect for kids and kids at heart.

So be sure to check out the Big Sky Town Center during your trip to our Rocky Mountain town. Take a break from skiing and head down to Town Center for some shopping, good food and entertainment.

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