With Big Sky Resort opening more and more terrain for the season, winter is officially here!

It’s easy to head out into the winter wonderland with nothing but excitement, but it's also important to think of your safety as well. Here are some winter safety tips to make sure you have a safe a wonderful winter here in Big Sky.

While Adventuring

  • Stay dry. There is nothing more important than avoiding hypothermia. Wet clothes lose all insulating value and transmit the cold rapidly. Layer your outfits while hiking, skiing or general exploring so that you can keep your body at a good temperature. Synthetic fabrics are a great option for a base layer to help limit the absorption of sweat. Waterproof fabric is a great option for your outer layer.
  • Buddy system. When heading in to any situation where elements can change quickly, it’s important to let people know where you’re going and when you plan on being back. Having a partner while out exploring is helpful as well. You can monitor each other for signs of hypothermia and be a support system in case of emergency.
  • Have the right equipment. Aside from wearing the proper clothes, it’s important to have the proper equipment. Make sure to wear sun protection, as snow can reflect up to 80% of the sun’s ultraviolet rays. Wear shoes with a good fit that will not restrict blood flow to your feet and have a good sole that will provide traction in the snow. A rubber sole is best.

While Driving

  • Make sure that your car is winter-ready with all the proper fluids topped off, winter tires with good tread, and a cold-weather kit including items such as blanket, folding shovel, first aid kit, flashlight and bagged salt or sand. Watch weather reports to know the conditions and try to keep at least a half tank of gas at all times.
  • Everything takes more time in the snow and ice, so turn, accelerate, and decelerate slowly, giving your car time to gain traction. While approaching a hill, try to get a little inertia beforehand. There’s nothing worse than trying to power up a hill and spinning your wheels on the ice.
  • Don’t panic. In the event of running your car off the road, remain calm. Asses the situation - can you get a little traction under your drive tires with either sand, chains or your floor mats? Use a shovel or any tool that's handy to remove snow around the tires and gently accelerate to gain traction. If you’re stuck in the snow, stay in your vehicle while awaiting help, but be sure to clear your exhaust pipe before you start the engine.

We hope that you remain safe and make the most of your winter here in Big Sky! Check our local outfitters in the Meadow and at Big Sky Resort Mountain Village to find all the right gear for a great time and feel free to stop by the Visitor Information Center if you ever need more Big Sky tips. As always, have a great time enjoying our paradise and don’t forget to share your photos with #VisitBigSky!

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